Impressive News! Saudi Arabia Is Set To Become The World’s Biggest Construction Site


Saudi Arabia has announced a handful of big projects this year and has invested a total of $1.1 TRILLION, equal to 4.13 trillion Saudi Riyals


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As Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman announced the Vision 2030 initiatives, bigger and better projects have been announced in the Kingdom. The country is totally transforming and everyone is here for it! As reported by Arab News, the Kingdom’s big projects include NEOM, King Salman Park, Diriyah Gate, The Red Sea Project, Jeddah Economic City, and the Jeddah Central Project. However, this is just a few of many that will soon turn Saudi into the ultimate residential, entertainment, and leisure hub for both residents and tourists.

The Kingdom is building 555,000 residential units, more than 10.4 million square meters of office and retail space

It has been reported that NEOM alone will welcome around 9 million residents to be placed in 300,000 homes. Riyadh is also prepping for one of the biggest projects in its history, known as the Diriyah Gate. This project aims to give residents of Riyadh 20,000 homes in the beautiful and preserved historical district of Diriyah. Aside from the concrete strucutres, Riyadh has also invested $23 billion in the Green Riyadh initiative, which is working towards turning the capital green, by planting 7.5 million trees in and around the city.

Thanks to all these amazing projects, Saudi Arabia is definitely going to transform in diverse ways, attracting a variety of tourists

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