NEOM Gets Its First Airport And This Is What It Looks Like


The Kingdom is investing a lot in Neom, which is perhaps is biggest in any particular project yet. And, things for the city are moving at breakneck speed. We’re calling it breakneck as Neom was announced just less than two years ago and now it even has its own airport. Albeit, a temporary one.

The airport is called Neom Bay and will serve as a primary gateway to all who will be working to build the futuristic city.

Moaid Mahjoub who is the director of government affairs at the private office of Dr. Abdulaziz Al Saud posted photos of the airport on his LinkedIn Page and this is what it looks like.

Commercial flights to Neom Bay will commence soon.

NEOM will get a much bigger airport once the city is close to completion

The airport is located close to the borders of Jordan and Egypt

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