5 Snapchat Original Series You Need To Binge This Ramadan


Ramadan is the time when some of the best shows are released on TV but now with Snapchat series becoming so popular it was about time that the trend caught on with Snapchatters.

We’ve handpicked some of the best Snapchat original series from around the country to present you with this list.

1. Ramadan Eats

Ramadan is the time when foods that we’ve been craving all year long finally return our plates. So what better time to revisit some our old faves to new social media age Instagramable delights.

2. La Tagoolha

Hisham Al-Huwaish asks people do the craziest of the things on the streets of Saudi Arabia and some people actually do ‘em.

3. Ramadan Chats

The 3rd season of our sister publication’s popular series “Ramadan Chats” is currently underway. The show discusses various trending topics this Ramadan keeping you updated with all the latest.

4. Who Broke Social Media?

This is hands down one of the best ways to be updated with social media scene in the region. Tag along as host Abdul Mohsin Al-Lafi delves into the lives of influencers and delightfully mocks cringe-worthy social media trends.

5. Manal Al-Alem’s Kitchen

Celebrity chef Manal Al-Alem has her own show on Snapchat and that’s just the iftar inspiration you need to impress your iftars guests this Ramadan.


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