5 Super Fun Things Near NEOM That You Can Actually Do Right Now


NEOM is still under construction and the whole world’s eyes are on it as there’s no other city on the planet being built on a scale that it is. Its OTT “zones” that are unlike any other place are just upping the hype around it. With NEOM still a few years away though, here are things that you can do if you are in the vicinity. And, trust us, there’s a lot.

1. Swim To The Georgios G Shipwreck (Saudi Titanic)

This Greek cargo ship wrecked right next to the coast of northwest Saudi about 45-years-ago. It’s so close to the coast that you can actually swim to it and that’s probably why it’s become Instagram’s darling. The strange element of the shipwreck story is that the ship was never intended to come to Saudi Arabia; instead, it was headed from Greece to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. It veered off course and ran aground on the coral reefs here. A hauntingly beautiful sight today!


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2. Chillax By The Sea At Maqna

The lengthy stretch of coast in Saudi Arabia’s northwest has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, but the Maqna beach stands out. For the longest time, Maqna was a peaceful seaside town, but it is experiencing a dramatic makeover as social media obsesses over its beach.


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3. Go Stargazing In The Desert

There’s something enchanting about stargazing in the desert and some of the most enviable dark skies in the country is in the northwest of the country, which is where NEOM lies. Just head east from NEOM where undulating desert stands and star-filled night skies await you.

4. Hike Through The Narrow Chasm Of Wadi Tayyb-Esm

The scenic narrow valley is situated right by the coast that just adds to its beauty. Go hiking in the narrow chasm following the spring-fed stream that plunges into the Gulf of Aqaba. It will take you about an hour and a half from NEOM to reach this place.

5. Tour An Oasis At The Springs Of Moses

A lot of sights associated with places mentioned in Abrahamic religious texts are supposedly here near NEOM. The Springs of Moses is one of these spots, where springs emerge from the desert, transforming the plot of land into a beautiful green oasis. A serene place to unwind.


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