A University Team In Gaza Invents A Specialized “CPR” Device For Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation


Gaza Hospitals Struggle Amid Israeli Restrictions

Gaza hospitals are suffering from adverse conditions that have negatively impacted the performance of medical staff due to Israel’s prohibition on importing dozens of specialized hospital devices, especially diagnostic imaging equipment.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights has continuously warned of the serious consequences of Israel’s ongoing ban on supplying medical devices to Gaza.

Israel deprives Palestinian hospitals of obtaining this device, which helps save patients’ lives. It forces the Palestinian Ministry of Health to transfer medical cases to Israeli hospitals, continuing its policy of subordination imposed on Palestinians in various fields.

Innovation Amid Adversity: Gaza Students Develop Life-Saving CPR Device

In a new achievement born out of adversity, a team of students from the University College of Applied Sciences in Gaza City, specializing in nursing and electronic device technology, successfully manufactured a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) device. This device transfers doctors from manual resuscitation to electronic resuscitation, representing a significant advancement.

With minimal resources and costs, Gaza has succeeded in creating an innovative solution that overcomes all obstacles. It demonstrates to the world that the blockade imposed on Gaza for over 17 years, has made the lives of patients subject to arbitrary Israeli measures, with hundreds of them waiting for specific types of devices that are prohibited from entering the sector.

The Ongoing Struggle for Healthcare in Gaza

More than one and a half million citizens in Gaza rely on government health facilities for treatment. These facilities are already suffering from severe deterioration due to the Israeli blockade and the consequences of internal political divisions.

Since 2018, Israeli authorities have tightened their policy of restricting all healthcare aspects and depriving patients of their treatment rights. Moreover, Israel has consistently prevented Gaza from obtaining mobile radiological equipment, which is crucial for diagnosing patients, in addition to obstructing the entry of devices related to healthcare system computing. Israel believes that these devices may have multiple uses, and their entry into Gaza hospitals requires Israeli approval.


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