Meet The Kid Reporter From Gaza Who’s Going Viral

Bader Alaa

Abdulrahman Battah, the kid who went viral on social media

“The greatest reporter in the world and the only legitimate heir to Shireen Abu Akleh” this is how the Gazan child Abdulrahman, 17 years old and from northern Gaza, refers to himself.

He won the hearts of his followers by reporting the events in Gaza in an ironic way in order to relieve the citizens of Gaza despite its dire situation.

Aboud created his videos by using simple tools and using the roof of his house as a studio

Using only a phone, a microphone, and the roof of his house as a studio, Aboud was able to share the reality about the suffering of the people of Gaza due to Israeli aggression on Gaza, and his followers eagerly await for his videos daily.

Aboud created his Instagram page on January 21, but it went viral and became famous after his videos, which he started posting after the October 7 events. On Instagram, he has almost two million followers who call him “The best child reporter.”

Followers also recognize him by his catchphrases, such as “the situation is an ice coffee,” with which he ends most of his videos, and “Welcome from The World Studio… Aboud’s Studio.” 

Aboud usually stops posting due to the blackout Gaza is suffering

Aboud recently disappeared for four days during the Gaza blackout, which concerned his followers, but he later returned and shared a video in which he wears the press vest and assures them that he and his family are fine.


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