YASSS! Today’s Weather Predicts A High Chance Of Rainfall Across The UAE


Who doesn’t love when Dubai’s cloudy and beautiful?

Lucky for us, the recent weather changes have proven to be quite spontaneous and The National Center of Meteorology has predicted that light rainfall could be upon us today (Tuesday), with winds expected to reach up to 40mph.

(Image Credits: Twitter/ Walid Rabih/ @BererRabih)

The rain has already hit in Ras Al Khaimah in the morning (and heavy too)

Kinda jels.

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It just started raining by the Burj Khalifa

Look at those clouds!

Can it look like this errrday?

Ofc, eager Dubai residents are hyped up about this

Who can blame ’em?

But let’s be careful on the road and refrain from speeding

The Dubai Police is urging motorists not to speed, to avoid any accidents or hydroplanning.

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