10 Reasons Why You Need To Get Out Of The City And Visit Ras al-Khaimah


With Eid only a few short days away, we can’t tear our minds away from possible holiday destinations, and since we have a couple of days to spare, a visit to RAK is looking like a pretty great option.

Pristine, quiet beaches are obviously a huge pro, but Ras al-Khaimah has a lot more going on that that. Here’s why you should consider making RAK your next holiday destination.

1. It’s only one hour from Dubai

It’s like a mini-holiday, without the dreaded airport queues or visa hassle….winning! 

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2. It’s got one of the UAE’s most picturesque hiking trails

The Stairway to Heaven is an in impressive hike for serious trekkers. While the route can be covered in a day, this is not for the faint-hearted and many undertake this trail over two days to avoid discomfort. The trail takes you from a RAK starting point through to Oman. Take note: this trail is not for the unfit.

Find out about more UAE hiking trails here

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3. It’s got a vast desert landscape and is an incredibly scenic camping destination

Get out of Dubai and head for the likes of Bedouin Oasis or Mizra’a, two great spots to park your tent for a couple of nights. Try a traditional Bedouin-style retreat or bring your own tent and face the elements – with the weather just cooling, this is a brilliant time to bring out the BBQ. 

Call 055 228 4984 for more info on Bedouin Oasis.

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4. You can visit an entirely separate island

Situated west of RAK, the luxurious Al Marjan islands are made up of four connected man-made islands. The area covers 4.5km of distance and on the island you’ll find homes, hotels, resorts, pristine beaches and leisure and recreational facilities.

Check out the Al Marjan website for more details

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5. It’s got ALL of the watersports

Head to the Hilton and ask for their water sports offers. The guys there have literally everything you can think of on offer; including jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, tubing, paddle boarding, donut rides, banana boating and kayaking…these are all available at the resorts private beach.

Call 050 321 88 40 for the watersports office located at the Hilton, RAK

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pic cred: www.kretasurf.gr

6. There are some great affordable hotel options

Flash the cash and stay at the Waldorf or keep it cheerful and stay at the Hilton, which with it’s own private beach, amazing personal spa facilities and restaurant options, makes it our personal favourite. 

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7. It’s good to get out of the city

Less of the traffic, less of the noise, getting out of the city once in awhile is good for the soul!

8. You can visit a traditional desert village

Something about not getting picked up in an off-roader from an apartment/hotel in Dubai makes this tour feel slightly more authentic. Check out Bassata Desert Village, where you’ll see traditional Arabic activities from belly dancing, camel riding and Arabic barbecue taking place. 

Call Bassata Desert Village on 055-3341526 for more info

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9. You can try some seriously awesome biking trails 

Check out Showka Bicycles, where beginners to advanced and everyone in between is welcome. This spot is only 20 minutes from some well-worn biking trails, it’s super healthy and you’ll feel incredible after.

Call Showka Bicycles +97150 859 1934 or see their website for more info

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10. You can chill out at one of the UAE’s most relaxing spas

For those in the know, the Banyan Tree Spa Al Wadi  is without doubt one of the finest around. Set in a tranquil location surrounded by vast desert, the facilities here are second to none. Already a winner of countless awards, you’ll need to book in early to secure a spot at one of the lavish Spa Treatment Pavilions.

Call +65 6849 5888 for more info

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