10 Memes ONLY Those Who Drive In Dubai Will Relate To!


10 Memes ONLY Those Who Drive In Dubai Will Relate To!

Dubai roads are a DREAM to drive on… unless you take the wrong turn or get caught in the peak hour traffic jam ORRRR WORST OF ALL GET FLASHED! Then life is no longer a bed of roses on the Dubai roads.

10. Still wake up screaming about missing the correct exit on SZR!!!!!

Put all your focus on the road with this Car Phone Holder holding your mobile in one place for you to follow direcs.

9. The SUUUHHNNNN, it burnnsss, it BURNS!

‘Tis why smart skin-conscious people always carry around a Windproof Umbrella wiv them, to brace themselves of any and every kinda situation.

8. In the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants’ narrater…

Honestly, only some solid entertainment from this Car Video Player will keep you from mentally punching someone when stuck in Sharjah traffic.

7. Every. Single. Time.

Plus with Dubai’s unpredictable weather I’ve learned to always keep some of these Waterproof Disposable Shoe Covers stored in the glove compartment.

6. So many roads, so many different speed limits, so many changed buffer speeds… not cool bruv, not cool.

BUT you can always be one step ahead of the game and avoid being unnecessarily flashed with this Rearview Mirror Radar Detector handy!

5. Nothing says Dubai roads like an unexpected flashy crystal bedazzled car passing you by outta nowhere…

Feeling the urge to frost up?! Then this Bedazzler will do you goohhddd.

4. You can run… but it just won’t be fast enough for the Dubai popo.

If your need to speed is strong then just get yo’self this Racing Wheel for PlayStation Set and race to your heart’s content! Whatever keeps you from speeding on the road.

3. Sharjah traffic LIT-ER-ALLY be like:

And in this heat, if your fuel gets low then just rely on this Portable Mini Fan to keep you sane.


Makess parking in tight spots a piece of cake with this Driving Recorder.

1. A truer meme has not been made!

Protecc your car from overheating this summer with this Car Retractable Windshield Sun Shade!

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