4 Amazing Natural Wonders In the UAE


The UAE is filled with man-made amazing attractions but nothing beats these destinations with mesmerizing pristine natural phenomena, greenery and stunning desert dunes. Here are 4 amazing natural wonders in the UAE:

4. Suwaidi Pearl Farm – Ras Al Khaimah

The Suwaidi Pearl Farm is not only a stunning natural wonder in Ras Al Khaimah, it was also established to preserve the heritage of pearling in the region.

Here you’ll learn all about the history of pearling and how the process has changed from the past and to increase pearl production and preserve the oysters’ natural habitat.

You can also opt to explore for yourself with both scuba and pearl diving!

3. Wadi Shees – Sharjah

Wadi Shees lies close to the country’s east coast, in a unique location as it sits in a region that belongs to Sharjah, and also lies within an exclave of Oman, so you’re technically in two places at once!

This hidden gem surrounded by the Hajar Mountain terrain is truly an area of natural beauty.

We recommend you visit this spot with a 4×4 vehicle – as it encompasses narrow mountain tracks, rocky outcrops, traditional settlements, farmland and date palm plantations. A sight for sore eyes and a truly rewarding experience with it’s striking natural scenery, hiking and camping.


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2. Marawah Island – Abu Dhabi

This Island is not only a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve but is also home to a number Image Blockof archaeological site dating back to the late stone age!

Relics such as an adult male skeleton, dugong bones, and a beautifully decorated high-necked jar have been discovered and are believed to date back to the mid-sixth to mid-fifth Century BC that could have originated from western Iran.

Other archaeological sites on the island include wells and a water catchment system, a campsite complex and Islamic period mosque and cemetery dating back to the late third to the late first millennium BC!!


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1. Big Red Sand Dune/Al Hamar – Dubai

This little piece of Mars on Earth is located along Dubai-Hatta highway: 100-meter high red dunes provides the perfect venue for adrenaline junkies who wanna try dune bashing, sandboarding, and other extreme activities.

If you’re not one, just sit back and relax while you enjoy the serene atmosphere and beautiful backdrop of the dunes.


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