5 Fresh Pairs Of Kicks You Can Have At Your Door Before The Weekend


Dubai Fitness Challenge calls for a sneaker upgrade PRONTO!!

Ditch the dusty kicks that you’ve outgrown ages back and get yourself some brand new, chic & affordable sneakers that’ll have you talking the talk and walking the walk this DFC

*Note: ALL of these products are available on noon express RN, meaning you can get same day (or tomorrow) delivery depending what time of the day you make your order. Handy!

5. This Red Hot Pair of Flammin’ Kicks will you active and have you looking super fresh!

Buy your pair here ASAP.

4. Chunky sneakers are just SOOOO IN rn! And these Disruptor II Premium Sneakers in Rose Gold look just soo fencaaay.

But it for AED 430 and use the code SS25 at checkout for an extra 25% off.

3. Aesthetics + sporty + that extra height = these All-White Mesh Slip-On Sneakers

Buy it for as little as AED 99!!!

2. Get an impressive 42% OFF on this Men’s Asweerun Core Black Kicks!!

Buy it for AED 159.4 and use the code SS25 for an extra 25% off.

1. Men’s High Top Culture Trainers in White because YES white is the new black!

Get it for AED 149 NOW.

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