5 Must-Buy Items To Prep You For This Year’s Holi Festival


5 Must-Buy Items To Prep You For This Year’s Holi Festival

It’s that beautiful time of the year again, time for Holi Festival!

Beginning March 28, this ancient Hindu festival, otherwise known as the ‘festival of love’ or ‘festival of colours’ is coming back and if you’ve yet to prepare for it- well, we’ve got you covered.

Get your Holi on with these MUST-have items:


5. A water balloon set (especially great for the kiddos!)

Fill the balloons up with colors, the best part? this is a 111-piece (perfect for those gatherings) AND for only AED9!


Get it here

4. Waterproof speakers, whether you want to have a wet or dry Holi

Music is a must, especially for a festival as vibrant as Holi and since everyone’s likely to throw water balloons filled with herbal gulal, this is your safe bet.

Get it here.

3. Rock your white shalwar with plenty options on Noon!

White is the colour of choice on Holi and who says your options should be limited to a white tee?

Get your shalwar options here

2. Protect your phones before taking part in Holi with a waterproof phone cover

Better safe than sorry, eh?

Get it here

1. And last but most definitely not least, holi gulal

You need the very thing that solidifies the very essence of this festival, after all, get the holi gulal below.

Get it here 

Now, go forth and have a very Happy Holi!


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