5 Weird Food Combos You MUST Try During Quarantine


“Custard…good, jam…good, meat…GOOD!”

Are you a Joey Tribbiani too when it comes to experimenting with your food? Even if you’re not, let’s give these weird food combos a shot.

I mean you do have all the time in the world now…

‘Cuz #quarantinelife!

5. Peanut butter & jelly sandwich with Doritos in the middle OR peanut butter with jam and nachos:

Yum Yum Smooth Peanut Butter on Amazon for AED 16.

Pack of 2 Strawberry Jam on Amazon for AED 11.91.

Pack of 12 Doritos Sweet Chili Tortilla Chips on Amazon for AED 11.80.

Doritos Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips on Amazon for AED 6.

4. Sunbites and cream cheese:

Almarai Cream Cheese on Amazon for AED 14.50.

Sunbites Olive & Oregano Bread Bites on Amazon for AED 11.30.

3. Homemade french fries with Nutella:

Potato Fries Chipper on Amazon for AED 17.99.

Nutella jar on Amazon for AED 24.50.

2. Oreos dipped in orange juice:

Pack of 16 Oreo Cookies on Amazon for AED 16.

1 Litre (Pack of 4) Lacnor Essentials Orange Juice on Amazon for AED 21.95.

1. Melted Lindt milk chocolate on a homemade cheese pizza:

Betty Crocker Pizza Maker on Amazon for AED 621.31.

Lindt Milk Lindor Chocolates on Amazon for AED 31.25.

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