Have Your Viewing Experience Enhanced With These 6 HDMI Cables


Introducing the cheapest way to connect anything to your tele.

If you don’t have a smart TV and are not planning on upgrading to the high-end option anytime soon, then there’s actually no need either because HDMI cables will do the same job but for a MUCH cheaper and affordable option that won’t need you shedding out thousands of dirhams.

Now you can project Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Zee5 etc. visuals and audio from your laptop screens onto your television and watch all your faves on the big screen with the help of these 6 affordable HDMI cables.

6. The 3 in 1 USB C to HDMI 4K Multiport Adapter

An HDMI cable that’s convenient for home-theatre entertainment, office, presentation, exhibition, teaching etc. Lightweight, plug and play, no extra driver is needed, to avoid the trouble of carrying around too many converter devices for activities.

Promising review:

“This device is great if you travelling with your switch and want to say plug it into a hotel tv. You do not have to take your dock with you anymore with this device. You will however still need your power brick. The device requires additional power in order to work with the tv or projector. The device has a nice silver finish but the material is very easy to scratch and notice imperfections. It also does get a bit warm when in use. It requires at least wall plug power in order to work.

It will not work with batteries or being plugged into a laptop. It will also charge your switch when being plugged in. There is also a USB port as well that can be used to plug in controller and such. The video quality is very good and I would say it is as good as the switch dock. Overall a great product and nice for travelling.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 49 (down from AED 64).

5. This HDMI cable streams video and audio output through the HDMI port with resolution up to 3840 x 2160 at 30Hz… and comes in such a pweetty rose gold colour

Promising review:

“sleek, functional and good quality!”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 112.99 (down from AED 132.99).

4. This all-rounder HDMI cable is a 5-in-1 USB Hub

Promising review:

“All great looks fancy works as described.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 59.99 (down from AED 84.99).

3. This HDMI cable issa all-in-one type-C hub! Ever noticed that the most recent devices feature fewer ports to connect additional peripherals? By featuring a total of 6 ports this Type-C Hub further expands the potential of your MacBook or Type-C Windows laptop

Promising review:

“While I think it’s annoying that I have to get one of these for my new MacBook Pro, it works completely as advertised. I’ve used all ports with no problems. Would easily buy it again.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 129 (the product comes with an additional 15% off coupon on the site).

2. This HDMI device is the perfect multiproblem solver! Add a plethora of connections to your laptop or desktop through just one USB-C port…

Enjoy up to 10x faster speed than USB 2.0, Three USB 3.0 ports support up to 5 Gbps transfer speed.

Promising review:

“The device solved my problem 100 %. I have one USB C input for my Samsung galaxy mobile and I can connect it directly to the internet through cable and router, no wifi, during this time, I need to charge my mobile so the device has a separate input for charging which it can charge my mobile at the same time I am connecting it to the Ethernet cable… It works very efficiently… Thank you”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 199.

1. This HDMI hub has 4 ports to help you connect 4 USB devices to your PC or laptop, such as external hard drives, USB flash drives, USB headsets, card readers and other USB devices. Four ports can easily be read at the same time…

Promising review:

“Works as expected and quality is too good. Super fast delivery… Ordered in the evening and it was delivered next day morning.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 37.99 (the product comes with an additional 5% off coupon on the site).

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