6 Items To Gift Yourself With This V-Day Cuz The Single Life Is The Best Life


If you think Feb 14 is the absolute worst, you’re not alone.

6. An AirFryer for your hogging tendencies, so you can munch all you want without putting on those extra cals!

On noon for AED 179.

5.  Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones to drown out the sound of annoying couples and their mushy talks *gaaaggg*

On noon for AED 1005.

4. Purify your home and your life with this Rosegold Air Humidifier

Get it for no more than AED 239.

3. Enjoy sleeping alone like never before with this 6-Piece Cotton Stripped Comforter Set Cotton THAT YOU CAN HAVE ALL TO YOURSELF!!!!

Get it for AED 165.

2. Level-up your fitness game and look on fleek all at once with this Space Gray Apple Watch

Get it right here.

1. Who needs a partner to take cute pictures of you when you have this Tripod Selfie Stick With a Remote?! 😉

To nab the deal, click here.

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