6 Perfect Treats To Buy For Yourself ‘Cus No One Else Will


Ahhh, the ole ‘treat yourself’ line, or what has now been rephrased to ‘self-care.’

‘Tis true, regardless, no one will spoil you more than you will yourself so might as well do the most.

Getting whatever you want/need does not need a holiday for a reason

In the wise words of Ariana Grande, the key to happiness is ‘you want it, you got it,’ and here are a couple of items you need not ASK anybody else.


6. Self-care comes in the form of taking your skin and YouTube gurus swear by facial steamers

Oooze your face with the delights of this pore-opener that will help absorb whatever products you want ot apply next.

Home spa days, once a week? YESSS please!

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5. Avoid the world and venture off into your own space with wireless ‘headphones’

Yes, AirPods are the greatest invention known to man and Apple’s latest ones are slickkkkk.

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4. Perfect your shave at home with Panasonic’s wet/dry shaver 

A quality shaver is EVERYTHING, so make sure you opt for one that will last you a long time.

This splurge will not only save you bucks at hair salon trips but the hassle of leaving the house for it.

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3. Every finance guru will tell you that the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad will change your spending habits immediately

Albeit ironic that in a list about ‘spoiling yourself’, we’re suggesting a finance book, but think about it this way: the more you earn/save, the more you can do things for yourself that make you feel good.

The power of perspective, hah!

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2. Bring back the old days with a camera that’ll instantly print out your pic

Make memories and keep them stat, nothing savours the beauty of a memory more than physical proof.

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1. Be the chef you’ve always wanted and make your fave food right at home

Well, almost. The NutriCook air fryer will make life ten times easier, with every and any dish you’re thinking of making.

A worthwhile investment for foodies, wethinks.

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