Put The JOY In Joysticks With These 6 Wireless Gaming Controllers


Cuz’ once you go wireless, there’s no going back!

Knocking down food and drinks kept on your table, having people tripping over when passing by and tangled up consoles because of your darn long joystick wires are all a thing of the past my gaming addicts!

Now swerve all you want and literally dive into your game with these 6 wireless gaming controllers, that will put the JOY in joysticks.

…Wired controllers are sooo PS3

6. This LED illuminated Mobile Game Controller is as slick as they come!

{Colorful LED illuminated buttons}: The colourful LED button lights are more dazzling and show your personality when operating the game at night. The product is suitable for Android, iOS mobile, tablet, Win7/8 / 10 PC computer smart TV system, and is equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 284.09.

5. A classy colour for ’em classy gamers! Check out this gold Sony Playstation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Buy it from Amazon for AED 120.

4. This Sony PS4 Wireless Controller is the #1 bestseller PlayStation 4 controller on Amazon!

This Sony PS4 wireless controller lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.

Promising review:

“Real SONY Joystick in the real SONY packaging, working perfectly.
All this for an excellent price. One of my best deal by far.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 237.66 (down from AED 279).

3. This magma red DualShock 4 Wireless Controller comes with a multi-touch and clickable touchpad!! Gamers… thas some life-changing shizzle right there

The new multi-touch and clickable touchpad on the face of the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller opens up worlds of new gameplay possibilities for both newcomers and veteran gamers.

Promising review:

“Good item and good price.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 219.89.

2. This Sony PS4 wireless controller comes with revolutionary features! E.g, with a touchpad and integrated light bar… jazzzyyyy

Promising review:

“Excellent price, quality and service. Works perfectly with no delays or glitch. I recommend this product and seller 100% customer satisfaction. I want to buy another item or the same item.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 239 (down from AED 279).

1. This Wireless Gaming Controller is a great catch for those who are looking for all the same new high-tech features but are on a slight budget!

The feel, shape, and sensitivity of the analogue sticks and trigger buttons have been enhanced to offer players absolute control for all games.

Promising review:

“Wow. Beautifully Sleek and designed.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 89.99.

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