8 Essentials For The Dubai Winter You Should Not Be Leaving Home Without


The harsh cool breeze of winter is approaching and although it’s not in the negative degrees celsius in the UAE, it’s nice to cozy it up. Soft wooly socks on, fleece blankets wrapped around and a cup of hot cocoa will surely having you thinking it’s snowing outside. What a dream it would be if it was. Huuuuhh, we can only dream.

Here’s what you can get to stay warm and cozy during the Dubai’s winter months

8. Stay cozy yet stylish in this Only Gina Wool Wrap Coat

Neutral tone, soft and stylish. Now we’re talking! Get yours here.

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7. Cozy up in a Noon East Ultra Soft Flannel Fleece Blanket this winter

This beauty is currently on sale for AED45, add it to your cart quick!

6. This beautiful green ZEGOLO Women’s Raincoat is going on my list!

The rain is going to start pouring down so stay dry with this awesomely durable raincoat.

5. Loving this Reversible Double Layer Umbrella by Margoun. Starstruck!

You can get yours for 56% off if you buy it now.

4. Keep the rain out of your shoes with this Wellington High Tube Rain Boot

Save these babies for a rainy day!

3. You may not have attended Hogwarts but this Ardene Harry Potter Scarf will make it look like you did

Keep warm with this scarf for AED180.

2. Men, this Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket is sturdy as ever

You can get your Columbia raincoat from here.

1. These Thick Wool Socks are EVERYTHING!

This is probably what clouds feel like. Get yours from here.

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