A Gang Was Arrested For Phishing A Company Out Of AED1 Million In RAK


The scams are getting so smart and virtually undetectable. Scammers are able to steal millions but it’s up to the people to keep their information protected, especially online! A gang of 3 people set up a fake email pretending to be a supplier that’s in business with a company in Ras Al Khaimah.

The scammers asked the company to transfer AED1.077 million into their new bank account. The money was transferred but not to the suppliers

The company alerted police after their supplier did not receive any amount and the bank info was different.

A gang was arrested for phishing the company out of AED1 million

A special task force was formed to collect evidence and trace the perpetrators, in collaboration with Dubai Police. The gang’s bank account contained millions of dirhams, the origin of which is unknown.


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