The Abu Dhabi Border Has Introduced A Rapid COVID-19 Laser Testing Facility


The Abu Dhabi Border Has Introduced A Rapid COVID-19 Laser Testing Facility

Good news for anyone who wants to visit Abu Dhabi… the testing process has just become more smooth.

People who want to visit the capital can be screened for COVID-19 on entry by a laser-based DPI technique. A negative result will allow entry to Abu Dhabi while a positive result will lead to further testing through a PCR test. IF you get a PCR test you must return to your residence and avoid contact with others until the results are available, according to a report by Abu Dhabi Media Office.

Take note: You’re still encouraged to plan ahead and undergo tests in advance to avoid delays 

Travellers with a negative COVID-19 test result will continue to be allowed to enter the emirate within 48 hours from receiving the result

The Lovin Daily: UAE Visit Visas: You Have A Month Grace Period From July 12

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DHA is reminding all Dubai citizens, residents and public transport commuters to treat wearing a face mask at all times as the NEW normal

Residents are still urged to follow precautionary measures including wearing masks and social distancing to continue to curb the spread of COVID-19.

If you’ve run out of disposable masks or are looking for quality reusable masks (to avoid being fined AED 3000) then check these out:

1. A pack of 50 three-layer disposable medical face masks for AED 37.96.

2. Advance reusable face mask, suitable for when you go running or cycling for AED 122.00.

3. Pack of 8 adjustable and slightly more affordable reusable face masks with breathing filters and earloops, for AED 70.00.


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