Catch The Biggest Full Moon AKA The Blue Moon & Saturn Illuminating The Night Sky In Just A Few Days


Step right up, stargazers! It’s time to raise your eyes to the cosmos and witness the grand celestial spectacle waiting just above. This week, we’re going full-on “once in a blue moon” mode!

We’re in for August’s second full moon, which technically fits the “blue moon” definition. It swings by every 2.7 years, and pretty darn cool! On the night of August 30th, the sky will illuminate with the majestic presence of the blue supermoon. And it’s not just the moon that’s stealing the limelight. The splendid ringed planet Saturn will elegantly share the stage with our celestial showstopper.

But what exactly makes this moon “super”? The phenomenon of a supermoon stems from the moon’s proximity to Earth during its full phase, creating an illusion of grandeur and increased brightness.

For an ideal view of the astronomical phenomena head out away from the city – to Al Khawaneej or Al Qudra and stargaze at your leisure!

When? Wednesday, August 30th and Thursday, August 31st.

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