You Can Now Get Tested For COVID-19 From The Comfort Of Your Home In Dubai!


Getting tested for COVID-19 can’t get any easier and convenient for travelers. Mediclinic along with Dubz, a Dnata company, have collaborated together to make it super convenient to get COVID-19 testing straight from the comfort of your own home.

If you are traveling, you need to get tested 96 hours before your flight. To find out why that is, you can read it here.

Travelers from Dubai can now avail the pre-flight COVID-19 testing if they opt for the premium service. When choosing the premium home check-in option, it includes weighing, tagging, and sending the travelers baggage to the airport in advance, while also printing your boarding pass.

The two collaboration partners are committed to provide a safe and hassle-free travel experience for customers

Pricing for the entire package isn’t as bad as you think

If we take a look at the basic package, then it’ll cost you AED 199.

In their “premium experience” package, the COVID-19 testing includes the home testing logistics fee, which means you don’t have to pay for the equipment AT ALL. If you do choose another package then you will have to pay AED 210 for the home testing logistics.

However, when you include the COVID-19 test in any of their packages, then it’s an additional cost of AED 300.

Living the fancy life at the airport

In the premium service, you are met by the Marhaba meet and greet team at the airport to fast-track you through your immigration process.

You’ll have your COVID-19 testing done for you, your bags already checked-in before you reach the airport, and you being escorted through immigration without having to stand in line. NOW THAT is the high life.

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You WILL be permitted to carry your laptop, handbag, briefcase and baby items with you during the flight.

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