Save A Few Trees And Doodle Away On Your Devices Instead With These 7 Stylus Pens


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For the thinkers, the creative, the doodlers and writers. For the profound and the lazy, the visionary and the nerdy, these Stylus pens with their precise interaction for touch screens, will keep you connected with yourself and your thoughts like never before.

Make the most of your smart touchscreen devices with these 7 Stylus pens that pull together various technologies that make using your device easier, more flexible and universally functional. Plus you’ll be saving a good number of trees by making the transition from scribbling on paper pads to e-pads!

7. This budget-friendly Ciscle Touch Pen is 100% compatible with all capacitive touchscreen devices

For more precise work, like drawing or writing, the disc tip provides much better flexibility and accuracy. Another advantage of this type of tip is that with the disc being transparent, you can see what you are writing

Promising review:

“This would by far be even better than a normal apple pen as the local price for this pen with the same quality is really expensive.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 60 (down from AED 80).

6.  iPens X1 is a smartpen which integrates a lot of new tech to allow users to swiftly write or paint on almost all of touch screen devices

Promising review:

“When I saw this stylus, I was very sceptical of well this product going to work on my iPad. I hear people buy other stylus and they were not that good there were lags or was not compatible with their device. Not with the case with this stylus. It takes a few days or two hours to get used to it. The way I used the product is to take notes in my class. I want to save a few trees than write on paper. Keep it green!

The battery lasted like they say 8 to 10 hours depending on how you used. If you are looking for a pencil to draw with not this pencil is for you. You better go off to the Apple Pencil or another stylus that draws. Overall, this product is excellent and reliable; for the price, you can not beat it.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 95.99 (down from AED 175.99).

5. YAASS!! Now you can comfortably rest your palm on the screen while you scribble away with this Adonit Palm Rejection Touch Pen

Promising reviews:

“This product is incredible! I did not expect such a responsive pencil for my iPad Pro! It connected immediately to my tablet. The battery life lasts for a couple of days, and charges quickly! Excellent value!!! Perfect for office work, drawing and sketching!”

“First time writing a review but couldn’t help to share with everyone how great this pen is. Works perfectly with my NotePlus app, Notability and Word which I use daily in the Nursing school for note-taking. I have the all New Apple Pencil for IPad Pro 3rd Gen but comparing side to side with the Adonit note, It works and does exactly the same function as the Apple Pencil wish to cost $80 more. So to sum it up, the Adonit look more stylish than the Apple Pencil and cost way cheaper. The best option out there and battery life is great”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 175.45 (down from AED 199).

4. This is a capacitive stylus, so you can use it just like a pen… a very stylish pen at that! Yuuusss

Promising reviews:

“With this PONY Capacitive stylus pen…paperless scribbling is easy now. A handy stylus pen for my Ipad 6th Gen with a fine point disc tip for a reasonable price. The tip is flexible so I can use it on any angle. I can bring it everywhere without worrying about batteries. And it also comes with an extra tip and pouch so it is really fancy! Value for money”

“Very stylish pen, it makes my work very easier and faster when I’m using it on the laptop, looking good also with my iPhone.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 59.99.

3. These super affordable pack of 3 Stylus pens are fully compatible with all touch-screen devices

Buy the pack from Amazon for ONLY AED 43.06.

2. Takes notes, play games, paint and do so much more with these Active Stylus Pens for touch screen

Promising review:

“My daughter loved it. works on mobiles and computers as well.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 97.

1. Have an easy user experience with this Active Stylus that allows you to write whilst it charges and comes with palm rejection… win WIN!

Rest your palm on the screen without uncomfortable stylus gloveS. Your palm will not leave stray marks on the digital paper on the app.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 148.88.

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