There Are 10 Epic New Projects Happening In RAK!

Aneesa Ahmed
RAK skydive

You’ll be excited to learn that RAK has LOADS of new projects on the way. Ones that will get your heart beating and you SCREAMING!

The Ras al Khaimah Tourism Authority (RAKTDA) has confirmed that the Emirate is adding way more cool stuff to do; from adrenaline filled activities to peaceful camping trips – so you’ll be spoilt for choice as the weather cools down. Stunning vibes!

Take a look at this list and choose what amazing new RAK adventure you’ll be going on next:



10. Jais Sledder, Jebel Jais

There has been HUGE updates in this stunning mountainous area, with the addition of the new Jais Sledder – the UAE’s coolest mountain coaster. You can also check out the adventure centre – a collection of cool attractions like the sky maze. Look for more deets here.

But it doesn’t stop there cos Jais has been busy! They’ve stepped up their game and added plentyyy more for us to do…

9) The Jais Swing, Jebel Jais

For those not afraid to climb high for the perfect Insta pic, this one is for you. If swinging that high with a view that good doesn’t get you those likes, what will?

8. Jais Eco-Golf, Jebel Jais

Golf lovers out there, you’ll enjoy this one. You can kick back with friends and family and play mini golf, with the dreamyyy backdrop of the Jais mountains. Hole-in-one! More info here.


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7. Jais Wings, Jebel Jais

This is for the adrenaline junkies that just can’t get enough of those in-air, frightful experiences. Paraglide through the mountains and enjoy the breath-taking views! Gorjjjj!


6. Wingsuit Diving Platform, Jebel Jais

Do you think orange is the new black? Put on your bright wingsuit and dive right off a platform for that free falling, adrenaline pumping moment. More details to come soon, but you can check out the announcement by RAKTDA here.


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5. Basecamp Jais, Jebel Jais

This is one that will blow your mind! GLAMping under the stars at the base of the mountain sounds dreamy, definitely an experience you’re only getting in RAK.

4. Mountain Biking, Wadi Shawka 

Bike through a mountain trail and feel the gravel under your tires as you whizz around some gorgeous UAE nature. For information about the trails, check here.


Orrrr, if you’re not much of a biker – then make a note of this next one. It’s the longest developed hiking trail in the UAE.

3. Highlander, Jebel Jais 

This 55km hike will take THREE days to complete! There will be physical and mental challenges along the routes, but your mind and body will thank you when you overcome this unreal experience. It’s available from 18-20 November and you can find more info here.

2. Scallop Ranch, Al Hamra Marine

RAK is all about sustainable tourism projects and this one provides a better understanding of the marine ecosystem – with people going diving and searching for oysters and scallops. There are also cooking facilities and will make a great day out with the kids!

1. RAK Airventure, Manar Mall

WOW! Hot air balloon 30m above the ground, over the picturesque Ras al Khaimah to enjoy the views like never before! You can book tickets and read more about it here.



Don’t forget to tag #LovinRAK if you try any of these fantastic new activities, for the chance to be featured. Enjoy!




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