Going To A Dubai Shopping Mall As A Kid Back In School Vs. Now As An Adult #FACTS


Going To A Dubai Shopping Mall As A Kid Back In School Vs. Now As An Adult #FACTS

The mall used to be all the rage back in the days… and now it’s just TORTURE. Yes, adulting will do that to you.


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6. As a kid you rolled to the mall with your main crew in your mom’s SUV! Carpooool time FTWWWWW

Thas why smart parents always had their seats protected with Waterproof Car Seat Covers when they pulled up to pick you and your squad up from school.

As an adult, you have to drive knowing traffic near, around, and in the mall parking lot is always gridlocked

How is there ALWAYS traffic on the way to a mall? HOWWWW? What is this sorcery?! In such testing times at least those adults with their Wireless Car Chargers still manage to keep their cool.

5. The skatepark at Dubai Festival City was the go-to place to meet cute boys and girls or go on your date!

You can still swoon bae by showing off a few tricks on this hip skateboard.

Now as an adult you run as far away as possible from carnivals or skateparks and spend all your time inside Sephora/Carrefour.

And now that you’re a responsible adult you always carry a Reusable Shopping Bag with you!!

4. As a kid, you lived for those free samples that they keep giving at mall activations

Urm if you’re still at that phase, remember to sanitize your hands after taking anything from anyone during this COVID-period.

As an adult, you crave those 2 mins of free time to stand there idle and get that free nail buffing sample

Honey, let me tell you though, you ain’t missing anything much! Have yourself a chill day at home and buff your own nails with this Profesh Manicure & Pedicure Set.

3. As a kid, the mall was the ULTIMATE hangout spot.

Back then it was a cute Fanny Pack with your allowance-filled wallet… gum… a hairband and you were good to go.

As an adult, your objective is to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

Now it’s a Compartmentalized Bag with your whole life inside of it every time you go to a mall… keys, cards, glasses, receipts, loyalty cards, extra patience (for when you run out of it explaining what you need to a salesperson).

2. Charleys Philly Steaks, Burger King, Subway? As a kid the food court issa neverending buffet of choices.

Give making homemade pizza a try with this Saachi Pizza Maker.

As an adult, you scrounge for whatever healthy stuff there is and run.

Also with that FAB AirFryer at home, outside oily and greasy food just does NOoOtT cut it for you anymore!

1. As a kid loud, in-store music always put you in the mood.

Some spoiled rats even walked around with music blasting on their Speakers!! Tf.

As an adult you wonder how you’re supposed to put an outfit together when you can’t hear your own thoughts.

Never deal with annoying mall music again with these Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.

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