Get The Hollywood Treatment Erraday With This ULTRA Glam And High-Tech ‘Touch’ Makeup Mirror


With a touch mirror and all, we’re living in exciting times people (apart from the corona stuff going on)!!

This boujee mirror is the talk of the town right now fam. A mirror that looks like it’s straight outta the movie Devil Wears Prada with all its glam and glitz.

Being the future of mirrors, this LED illuminating mirror doesn’t just light up to give you the perfect selfie light but is also responsive to touch, which means with just a single tap you can choose to either zoom into your face or adjust the brightness and the temp of your new A-class mirror.

Be living out your snow-white mirror fantasies with this responsive mirror… it won’t talk back but it’ll do for now!

“Bright, large, beautiful: This was a great investment”

A happy user rated this LED-lit mirror 5-stars and wrote:

“I love this mirror because as you get older, it’s harder to apply makeup. I mounted it to the wall in my bathroom. It’s easy to use and nice and bright. The size is perfect and for me, this was a great investment.”

On Amazon for only AED 329.00.

This Touch Control Tabletop Makeup Mirror comes with FOUR choices of colour temperatures, ranging from soft daylight to a warm light temp light to illuminate your night time party makeup!

On Amazon for AED 329.00.

Just tap or long-press the touch buttons on the HD Mirror Screen to adjust brightness and temp. Plus the zoom-in feature on the mirror is a total BONUS!!

Zoom in the mirror to see clearly your face and make a flawless makeup, great to correct your eye makeup on the hard-to-see parts of your skin.

The base of this mirror is handmade and perfectly crafted fit for those with great taste! On Amazon for AED 329.00.

Never walk out of the house looking anything less than FLAWLESS with the help of this super-luxe mirror


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