If Your Visit Or Tourist Visa Has Expired You Have Till August 11 To Leave The UAE


If Your Visit Or Tourist Visa Has Expired You Have Till August 11 To Leave The UAE

Dubai residents and visit visa holders have been scurrying around to get as much info as possible after the UAE announced the cancellation of the year-long visa extension period.

Please take note that if your visit or tourist visa has expired after March 1, 2020, then you have one month to leave the UAE as of July 12 to avoid being fined

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, (ICA) has further made clear that holders of expired UAE visit or tourist visas should leave by August 11 or can avail an ADDITIONAL 30-day grace period.

This basically means that expired visit visa holders CAN ‘apply’ to renew the 30-day grace period one more time after August 11

Extensions of the grace period need to be applied for and approved by the ICA.

The 4-step guideline mentioned by the ICA on their official Twitter handle:

  1. It has been decided to grant entry permits and visit visa holders inside the country, a period of one month (30 days) to leave the country. The grace period is renewable ONE time by the authority.
  2. A period of one month (30 days) to leave the country.
  3. The grace period is renewable one more time by the ICA.
  4. After which, the entry permit or visit visa holder needs to exit the country.

UAE residents with permits that have expired after March 1, 2020, will have 3 months to renew their residency as of July 12

Residents, expats in the country, citizens and GCC nationals are being urged to start the renewal process of their expired ID cards and residency permits and take advantage of the smart services provided by the UAE (ica.gov.ae) and adhere to the renewal schedule to avoid incurring administrative fines.


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