6 Gorgeous Mosques To Visit Across The UAE


From exceptional contemporary Islamic architectural elements to the tallest minarets, These state of art architectural creations are a must explore in the UAE!

6. Grand Mosque – Bur Dubai

The largest mosque in Dubai is a must visit if you’re a fan of traditional Islamic architecture!

What? Not only does this mosque feature the tallest minaret in the emirate, it also accommodates virtual visitors through HD virtual tours! If you visit at night, you’ll get to catch the beautifully lit exterior

When? Open to visitors from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Where? Opposite Dubai Museum, Near Rulers Court Office – Ali Bin Abi Taleb St – Al Fahidi


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5. Al Farooq Omar bin Khattab Mosque – Al Safa Dubai

Enjoy beautiful architecture and learn all about Islamic culture at this mosque dating back to 1986!

What? Inspired by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, this mosque features a stunning 30 meter high dome and carefully crafted interiors such as stained glass that allows light to peek through beautifully.

Where? 119 6 D St – Al Safa – Al Safa 1

4. The Al Aziz Mosque – Jazeerat Al Reem Abu Dhabi

Peace and tranquility are the pillars of this beautiful architecture.

What? The Al Aziz Mosque welcomes you with its triangular-cut minaret, glass fitting, and walls, which have names of Allah in calligraphic Arabic writings.

When? It’s ideal to visit this mosque during night as the mesmerizing lights add to the beauty of this  structure.

3. Al Sakina Mosque – Al Rahmaniyah Sharjah

This mosque’s exterior is a work of art!

What? This mosque may not be Sharjah’s largest but it’s certainly the most unique! If you’re a fan of contemporary Islamic architectural elements, you must visit.

When? 3:30 am – 8:00 pm

Where? Al Rahmaniyah 4 Sharjah

2. Juma Sheikh Zayed Mosque – Ras Al Khaimah

This state of the art architecture is from the era of Sheikh Saqr bin Rashid Al Qasimi!

What? One of the oldest places of worship in the United Arab Emirates, where prayers are still held to this day. The stunning external façade has been restored with plaster, coral stones and beach rocks.

Where? Dafan Al Khor – Ras al Khaimah

1. Mohammed bin Salem Al Qasimi mosque – Ras Al Khaimah

This mosque is over 200 years old!

What? excavations in RAK revealed this gem dating back to the 16th century, and was restored by adding a traditional plaster in layer technique and can accommodate a 1000 worshippers

Where? In the western part of Ras al Khaimah near Flamingo Beach

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