RAK Police Save 5 Men Who Lost Their Way On Hiking Trip

Aneesa Ahmed

RAK police saving the day, yet again!



On August 28, Ras Al Khaimah Police Officials received a distress call from 5 lost hikers.

After receiving a distress call that 5 males were lost in the mountains (Qada’a Valley) yesterday evening; the Air Wing Division quickly helped to locate the hikers and return them to safety.

They used a helicopter to find the group and returned four of them home safely, whilst one of them was taken to the hospital due to heat and exhaustion – but is now in stable condition. The special task force was so fast that it only took MINUTES to complete their mission – bravo!

The @rakpoliceghq issued a reminder to avoid being out in the daytime when the temperatures are high.

Stay safe and stay hydrated you guys! :ice_cube:

Another successful mission, courtesy of the Ras al Khaimah police department!



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