The UAE President Announces An AED14 Billion Increase In Support For Citizens

Mayar Ibrahim

His Highness Mohammed Bin Zayed is restructuring the “Social Support Program” to promote a decent life for citizens with low incomes. He is increasing the budget from AED14 billion to AED28 billion. 

The UAE Government Media Office announces the new structure of the “Social Support Program”

The new program is raising the value of annual social support from AED2.7 billion to AED5 billion and the allowance of low income families to AED25 thousand monthly according to the social status. His Highness Mohammed Bin Zayed is introducing new benefits and allocations for housing, university education, unemployed citizens older than 45 years and Emirati job seekers.

The UAE Government Media Office released the first or three benefits which is an increase in allowance for low-income families

Increase the head of the family’s allowance
  • With years of experience to receive up to 13,000 dirhams

Increase the wife’s allowance

  • She will receive up to 3,500 dirhams

Increase the kids’ allowance

  • The first child will receive AED2,400
  • The second and third child will receive AED1,600
  • The fourth child and more will receive AED800

The 2nd benefit is an increase in allowances because of inflation for citizens in the “Social Support Program”

Allowances for food

  • The allowance will be equivalent to 75% of the value of inflation for food

Allowances for electricity and water

  • 50% monthly electricity subsidy to consume less than 4000 kilowatts and 50% monthly water subsidy to consume less than 26,000 gallons monthly

Allowances for fuel

  • 85% monthly subsidy from the increase of the price of petrol at 2.1 dirhams per litre

The final benefit is new allocations for living, university education, and unemployment

Living Allocations

  • Ranges from 1,500 and 2,500 dirhams monthly

University Education Allocations

  • worth 3,200 dirhams monthly for excelling students

Unemployment Allocations

  • above 45 years old will receive 5,000 dirhams monthly

Job Seekers Allocations

  • seeking for work for 6 months will receive 5,000 dirhams monthly


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