Temperatures In UAE Are Inching Towards 50C


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The highest temperature recorded over the country on Monday was 47.1°C in Al Shawamekh (Abu Dhabi) at 14:15 and in Bada Dafas (Al Dharfra Region) at 13:15 UAE Local time.

And as it inches towards 50C the Dubai government has announced the annual Midday Break which bans people from working outside daily during peak high-heat hours. The government also urges employers to provide cold drinking water and shaded spaces to workers.

47C was the highest record temperature, while 23C was the lowest

The lowest temperature recorded in the UAE yesterday was 23C

The Mandatory Midday Break For Workers Begins Soon

The Midday Break which bans work performed under the sun and in open spaces between 12:30 PM until 3 PM will be effective starting June 15 until September 15, 2023. The MOHRE urges

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