The UAE Has NOT Had A COVID-19 Related Death For Well Over A Month


In yesterday’s Covid Media Briefing, some amazing news about the UAE came to light regarding the pandemic. Other than the fact that the country has seen a significant decline in COVID-19 cases, the UAE has also ranked second globally in terms of the number of tests conducted per 1,000 people.

And it ranked fourth globally in the rate of vaccinated individuals per 100 people as well as the first globally in recipients receiving at least one dose.

The UAE has had 0 COVID-19 related deaths since March 8, 2022

NCEMA has also announced the latest travel protocols for Emirati citizens

This does not apply to UAE residents. Non-vaccinated Emiratis with either one dose or two, are now allowed to travel but they must undergo a PCR test within 48 hours from departure. They also must complete the travel forms in the Al Hosn App so the green status can be activated. Previously, they had to have had both doses and the booster shot to travel abroad.

Those who are under the age of 16 and who are not vaccinated, are further exempt from doing a PCR test upon arrival. Previously, this used to be applied to children below 12 years old.

It’s also highlighted that Emirati citizens must contact the country’s diplomatic missions while abroad in case of a suspected infection as well as using the Tawajudi service.

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