The UAE Is Launching An AED3B Fund To Build Highly Accurate Weather Satellites


Forecasting and monitoring climate change is about to improve on a whole other level!

The UAE is developing a series of highly accurate satellites to improve forecasting and monitor climate change.

The fund’s first investment venture will be developing and launching a constellation of advanced imaging satellites for the UAE, using the SAR (synthetic aperture radar) technology.


Easy tracking of oil spills, maritime vessels, and crop yields

The term “SAR” or “SIRB” in Arabic, has been coined in reference to the Arabic term for flock of birds and will address a pivotal need for better environmental and land usage monitoring, data collection and analysis.

This data will also allow scientists to trace oil spills, track maritime vessels and monitor crop yields.

A six-year development programme

The satellite development programme, which has an expected 6-year duration, will launch the first satellite within the first three years, a much faster launching pace than was possible using traditional earth observation satellite design principles.

“The establishment of a dedicated fund to support the UAE’s burgeoning space programme and the launch of a new initiative to develop radar satellites is expected to expand our growing capabilities in this vital sector while accelerating innovation in environmental sustainability.” state His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan via his official Twitter page




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