8 Valentine’s Day Gifts That May Be Under AED100 But Look Super Luxe


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You either love this day or you don’t, either way, Valentine’s Day is always here to stay.

After all, although love surrounds us day in and out, there’s no better reminder of that love than spending a dedicated 24 hours to showing your spouse, family member or best mate just how much they mean to you.

So whether this is your first time celebrating and don’t want to splurge too much, for him or her, here are some awesome luxe options that’s only under AED100!

Yes, you’re most welcome.


8. If bae is into oud scents, this snazzy fragrance by Chopard is a good one

Nothing better than smelling deelish on the most important day of the year for lovebirds. Oud scents also make for a great base underneath lighter perfumes, just FYI.

Price? AED77.60

Get it here

7. Surprise your lover with a FIFA20 for PS4 (it’s both in English and Arabic too)

Gifting a loved one with more time for gaming? A love language. Price? AED53.75

Get this here 

6. Nothing screams love than the worry of your sweetie’s muscle aches and gifting them a foam roller

If you or your boo thang are the gym-type or just go through a lot of muscle ache frequently, the answer to your issues are solved.

Your back will THANK you for this foam roller. It’s available in different colors too. Price? AED88

Get it here

5. Keep him warm during this romantic, cuddle weather with a fab sweatshirt

These kind of sweatshirts go with EVERYTHING

Price? AED83

Get it here

4. The oldest form of romance? Love bracelets 

Get it engraved with the date you met or your initials. Adorable!

Price? AED37

Get it here

3. A day at the gym or hiking trip is not complete without a trusty backpack 

…and Puma’s navy-electric blue backpack for only AED 70 is IT!

Get it here

2. Date nights are about to be extra regal with this crossbody bag for her

Price? AED71 – yessss

Get it here 

1. Shower bae with balloons that are themed for the day

Forget flowers, at AED90, your special someone is going to geek out over this 5-piece balloon bouquet.

Get it here

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