Who Can Get A 5-Year Green Visa In The UAE


Who Can Get A 5-Year Green Visa In The UAE

Landmark new visas were announced this week, but what does it all meaaaan?!

The UAE Government Media Office shared new rulings this week, covering a whole host of visa types. The colour-coded categories of visas fall under visit/entry visa (blue), residence permits (green), and golden visas (gold!), and most notably include longer tourist visa options and more benefits for Golden Visa holders.

This post takes a look at the latest details on the Green Visa options and while Standard employment residence remains at two years, skilled employees and freelancers can now get 5-year visas. Scroll for deets:

The changes are expected to come into effect in September, and the prices for the new visas have not been announced.


The 5-year green visa for skilled workers and freelancers

Freelances and the self-employed can obtain five-year residence visas, with no sponsor required.

*Applicants need an AED15,000 salary, along with a degree in specific skilled fields.

The 5-year green visa for investors

  • There’s a green residency visa for investors and partners
  • It’s a five-year visa, no sponsor is required
  • Investors need to show proof of investment. Approval by competent local authorities is mandatory

The 2-year green visa for students

  • Education residence for students enrolled in education systems
  • It’s a two-year residency visa, a sponsor by a licenced educational institution is required

Alternative green visa opportunities that do not require sponsorship

  • Remote work visa – 1 year
  • Retirement visa – 5 years
  • Real estate owner’s residence visa – 2 years

The family member visa updates

  • The resident can now sponsor his or her family, including spouse and children until the age of 25, and unmarried daughters at any age
  • Children of determination are granted residency, regardless of age
  • The Visa holder can sponsor first degree relatives
  • The duration of a family member’s residence shall be the same as their sponsor’s residence duration

Humanitarian cases

In humanitarian cases, the following people are permitted residency permits

  • A female resident if her husband passed away and she has a child or more
  • The parents or children of UAE citizens who hold a foreign passport
  • Spouse and children of GCC citizens who hold a foreign passport

For more information – visit the Government portal here

For more info – see UAE Gov’s Twitter feed here

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