You Can Now Pay Government Service Fees In Multiple Ways

Mayar Ibrahim

You can now pay off government service fees in the United Arab Emirates via the various payment options accepted in the country.

The Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday, August 17 the new ways customers can pay government service fees

Additionally, the Ministry of Finance included a list of payment options accepted in the UAE.

The payment options include:

  1. Apple Pay
  2. Samsung Pay
  3. Bank Transfers
  4. Credit or Debit cards

The Ministry of Finance also announced the gradual ending of the eDirham payment option

They stated that over the next three months federal government entities will gradually stop using the eDirham platform. Thus removing the platform as a payment method for their services fees.

The Ministry of Finance rolled out this change in response to customers’ suggestions. Customers of the government services requested an easier and more flexible payment method. Consequently, government entities changed their payment methods with the aim of providing customers with easier, more flexible and efficient payment methods.

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