7 Beautiful Places In The Gulf To Visit Before It Gets Too Hot Again


We have a clear passion for colder weather in the Middle East, since it rarely ever gets cold. The last few months have shown great weather but that is due to end pretty soon. 

So before it does, why not enjoy winter and book a flight to one of these great neighboring countries. Yolo.

1. Taif (Saudi Arabia)

Taif, a city in Saudi Arabia’s Mecca Province, is a beautiful area known for their honey, roses and fights. It is also enveloped with beautiful mountains, generous people and the best sunsets. 

2. Wadi al Arebieen (Oman)

How stunning. We’re truly lucky to have such a culture rich nation so nearby, filled with genuinely friendly people and endless outdoor activities.

3. Marneef Cave (Oman)

Located in Salalah, this spot would make for a nice chill-zone for you and family.

4. Manama (Bahrain)

The new Four Seasons hotel offers a ‘boat’ dinner ride with a scenic view of the Bahrain Bay. Other activities like strolling through the streets of Manama, dining in Amwaj Lagoon or photo-ops in historical sites. 

5. Sir Bani Yas Island (UAE)

This getaway island has it all- animals in their glory, beautiful waves of water and a great escape to enjoy this chilly weather.

6. Ras Al- Khaimah (UAE)

Longest zipline in the world. Just sayin.

7. Green Island, Kuwait

Get your dose of blues and greens at the Green Island in Kuwait. 


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