A Man Walked From Dubai To RAK To Thank The UAE For Its Incredible Kerala Flood Relief Efforts


This year, the Indian state of Kerala was hit by devastating floods.

Immediately, UAE leaders went beyond the call of a neighbouring country’s duties, arranging emergency relief and calling on all residents to donate what they could.

Two million Indians live in the UAE, the efforts did not go unnoticed and one man is using the terrain of the UAE to show his gratitude to its leaders.

Sabeel Ismail walked from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah to show his gratitude to the country

Ismail, a Kerala native, started his journey in Zabeel Park at 6pm on Thursday and reached Ajman at 1.30am the following day, covering 104km in 27 hours. He told the Khaleej Times he completed the journey with a small supply of clothes, shoes and a water store.

He met his cousin at a car en route for a short 15-20 minute nap, avoided snakes and navigated pathless highways to reach his destination, with a t-shirt was labelled ‘Thank you UAE’.

An impressive distance to show gratitude!


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