A Reported Suicide in RAK Turned Out To Be A Violent Murder Case


Rak Police and CID officers have just solved a murder case that was initially reported as a suicide attempt. 

An Asian worker was found dead in his room at a labour camp, with a cloth around his neck, which was reported to the Ras Al Khaimah police.

The services rushed to the scene, however found the situation was not adding up. 

Information was collected to solve and analyse the alleged suicide

CID officers had gathered all the evidence and came to the conclusion that there was something suspicious about the case. By putting together the pieces, looking at the scene through different angles, and taking apart the evidence that they had, they came to the conclusion that it was in fact a murder crime.

“The CID men probed each and every bit of information collected and solved the murder”

Brigadier Abdullah Ali Menakhas, Director of the CID, released a statement in reference to how they had decided the case was not a suicide, “The murderer set up the entire scene to mislead the police”. 

Initially, it was not easy for the team to decipher the case, but once the body was sent off to the forensic section, it was later discovered that the victim was actually strangled to death by the same cloth found on him.

CID narrowed the list to two suspects

After a lot of work and a series of analysing all the small details, the CID was able to pick two suspects, from which one admitted to murdering the Asian man.

The two had gotten into an argument which resulted the suspect into knocking the victim over, strangling him to death, and laying him on his bed, making it seem as if it was a suicide. 

Legal action is being taken

The murderer was referred to the public prosecution of RAK where he will be punished for his crimes. 

After the case was finished, Brigadier Abdullah Ali Menakhas also said, “All business owners need to keep an eye on their workers, mainly their accommodation, to prevent such crimes, report suspicious acts, and solve their disputes in an amicable way.”


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