An Asian Woman Has Tragically Died After Falling Off A Mountain In RAK While Trekking With Husband


Devastating news coming from Ras Al Khaimah where a woman in her thirties fell off a mountain and succumbed to her injuries.

As per the investigation, the Asian woman was on a trekking trip with her husband and friends on the Ghalila mountain on Friday when the tragedy struck at around 2.30pm in the afternoon.

Brigadier Sulaiman Mohammed Al Kizi, chief of the comprehensive police stations of the RAK police told that the victim and the group were heading back to their camp when the mishap happened.

“The panicked husband told the police that his wife was exhausted due to lack of food and water that she lost consciousness and slipped off the Ghalila mountain down to the deep valley therein,” he informed.

The paramedics and the rescue team immediately arrived at the scene and provided the victim with first aid, while a chopper from Sharjah Police airlifted the victim to the nearest hospital. However, her injuries were so grave, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Brigadier Al Kizi spoke to Khaleej Times about the incident and warned all tourists and trekkers to be cautious while trekking on extreme terrains.

“Climbers need to get sufficient training and get help from a professional expert before heading to such risky places. Climbers need to inform authorities about their activities, whereabouts and the number of people in their group. They must also consult climbing websites to get up-to-date information on local climbing sites,” he said.


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