A Gorgeous Desert Retreat Is Probably Just What Your Body And Mind Need Right Now


When one thinks of a wellness retreat, there are probably a variety of images that come to mind. 

But the things that definitely are not at a wellness retreat are computers, construction noise, alcohol and work. 

So when the offer to visit the wellness escape – Alma Retreat – came up, I jumped at the chance 

And when I say ‘jumped’, I mean feebly raised a hand and nodded. 

After weeks of sport, and work – and more sport and work, and then a bit more sport and work, my body and mind were drained. 

I was more than ready to get out of town and look after myself for a couple of days. 

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Alma Retreat is located in Ras Al Khaimah, within the Bedouin Oasis 

It’s just over an hour’s drive from Dubai.

The camp is nestled on a sand dune, overlooking a desert abyss. It’s gentle shades of white and aquamarine blue – with little tent-style huts lining the camp. 

Alma Cabins

The itinerary is full – but also optional

You live something of a communal life – everyone has their own tent and bathroom, but the lifestyle is as a team. 

The huts are comfortable and spacious enough – like a small hotel room. The bathrooms are like something from the Maldives – with open air showers and toilets, it seems a bit weird, but it’s totally dreamy. 


There’s plenty to do, or nothing to do – whatever you like 

You can opt in and out of activities including games, bootcamp fitness, yoga, morning walks, art painting workshops, ice baths and more.

The workshops vary but they have a huge range of activities for every interest and fitness level. 

My personal favourite was the team games (I’m rather competitive okay?) 

There’s also plenty of soul cleansing 

Bear with me now, there are colouring books and pencils, card games, gentle music, meditation and art workshops to help you not only chill out, but also unleash your creativity. 

Again, it’s all optional, but I HIGHLY recommend getting involved. 

You’ll feel like a big kid with all these activities. 

The food is absolutely incredible 

You’re fed three meals plus snacks and have access to gorgeous artisan teas and ‘wellness shots’ aka wheatgrass, tumeric, chilli power and activated charcoal shots, whenever you like. 

All the food is locally sourced, it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly, it’s dairy and gluten free and basically you’ll feel on top of the world eating this diet. (I wish I could every day). 

Plus everyone shares dinner, which is a lovely way to round off the day. It’s relaxed and friendly, and everyone enjoys the community atmosphere. 

After a weekend, or even just one night at Alma, you’ll have gained a lot 

You’ll have likely made new friends, created a beautiful piece of art, gotten a bit of RnR, restored both your body and mind, and had a bloody good night’s sleep. 

Plus, on the Saturday afternoon, when I came back to Dubai, I was feeling on top of the world (smug) while my friends were feeling sorry for themselves with hangovers or doing chores. 

Alma Retreat is well worth the investment, I 100% recommend it 

It will cost you around AED995 for a night, which includes accommodation and all your food, and all the activities. 

Check it out online.


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