This Is Easily The Most Authentic Italian Restaurant You’ll Find In Dubai


When recommending restaurants to visitors and friends, what do you look out for? 

There is fine dining, then there is regular dining in Dubai

There seems to be two types of restaurants in Dubai, the fancy fine dining types, and the regular places. Of the former, there are approximately 800 in Dubai (based on what reservation companies data), and of the latter, there are around 8,000. What we have here is no shortage of quality fine dining places, which are very expensive, but not enough quality in ordinary places. So, when I happened to stumble across a high quality regular restaurant, I have new hope that the quality is on the rise.

Meet Pulcinella in Dubai Sports City

For the past year I have been walking past a little Italian restaurant called Pulcinella on the retail strip of Canal Residence without going in. One day, Dominico, it’s proprietor, stopped me in my tracks as he recognized me from Lovin Dubai snapchat account. Over the past few months we have built up a relationship and I’ve gotten to know the restaurant quite well. Yesterday, I brought my family there for dinner, and we all discuss what makes a good Italian restaurant. Here are seven reasons why Pulcinella stands out

1. Get the basics right

Pulcinella is a trattoria concept. Ingredients are paramount. Domenico sources his Burrata from a Ras Al Khaimah. He has a meat supplier near Deira and you can tell he takes great pride in sourcing the best ingredients. ATrattoria is a concept like the French have a Patisserie, the Italian have Trattoria. You go here if you want a good, no bells and whistles, Italian meal, or the exact definition is ‘less formal than a ristorante, but more formal than an osteria’.

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2. Their pizza and pasta are on point…

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3. Italians eat there: ‘one of the few restaurants where you feel at home…’

It’s always a good sign if real Italians approve. On the table opposite us, it looked like a half a football team of guys were enjoying the pizza and spent an evening there. I often walk by and see Domenico with his friends watching a Napoli Seria A football match on the TV. Here are some of the reviews from Facebook:

4. It’s got a story, even the name is from 17th century Italian folklore

Not only are there pictures of Naples on the walls, Napoli is infused throughout the concept. There even make the pizza thick on the edge as is done in Naples. Even the name is routed deep in Neapolitan history… 

Pulcinella a name derived from “pulcino,” meaning chick, and “pollastrello,” meaning rooster, is a classical character that originated in commedia dell’arte of the 17th century and became a stock character in Neapolitan puppetry.”


4. Their is a family atmosphere that Italian’s are famous for… 

Domenico’s wife is the head chef. It’s like her home cooking. She came to her table, and she is four months pregnant with twins, speaks little english but is so welcoming and nice, just like you would expect to see in Italy. These little things make a difference.

Img 0020
Img 0016

5. The deserts are homemade with secret family recipes… 

As important in judging Italians on pizza and pasta, is the deserts. Here are three classics, simple and oh so good. 

6. They even have a food truck…

Img 0025

7. Bonus, it’s won awards

Pulcienella is already successful..This is the second outlet, the first one is in Barsha

Here is the snapchat review

The prices are very reasonable, you’ll get a pizza for on average AED 50 and mains  such as grilled salmon for approx. AED 80.


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