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Most Instagrammable Places In Ras Al Khaimah

This Emirate is a paradise for Instagram fiends! Welcome to Ras Al Khaimah, where every corner is a frame-worthy masterpiece waiting to be captured! From stunning mountain vistas to pristine beaches and architectural marvels, this Emirati gem is a paradise for Instagram enthusiasts seeking the perfect shot… 5. Suwaidi Pearls Farm Not only is this …

February 14, 2024

5 Activites For The Perfect Weekend Escape In RAK

From thrilling ziplines that’ll make your heart race to tranquil beaches for a soothing sunbathing session, RAK has it all. Pack your bags, bring your sense of adventure, and get ready for an incredible weekend in this hidden gem of the UAE. Here are five activities that will make your RAK weekend escape absolutely perfect! …

January 24, 2024

WEEKEND HOTLIST: 5 Events to Look Forward To This Weekend!

Get set to make the most of your precious weekend hours with our carefully curated selection of the latest and greatest activities in town! Written by Neola Castelino  via GIPHY 5. Weekend Getaway at Radisson Resort Ras Al Khaimah Indulge in a culinary adventure like never before, where exceptional food and drinks take centre stage …

January 5, 2024

Ring In 2024 With Ula’s Early Bird New Year’s Eve Deal!

Wave goodbye to yesteryear and roll out the red carpet for the brand-new you! It’s your cue to throw confetti at fresh beginnings, where every adventure is an open invitation. Don’t miss out! Lock in your New Year’s Eve plans at ULA Ras Al Khaimah now and snag this Early Bird Offer for a blast …

November 20, 2023

UAE Residents Will Need To Wait Until 2025 For USA Visa Appointments

If you’re planning a trip to the USA from the UAE, brace yourself for a waiting game. Visa appointment slots have become as rare as hen’s teeth, with the next available ones not popping up until 2025. Visa experts here in the UAE predict that the waiting times might even get longer in the days …

September 26, 2023

Glamping Season Is Around The Corner! Don’t Miss Out On This Early Bird Offer

With the weather getting cooler, you know what that means! Glamping season is just around the corner and there’s no better place to be than nestled in Ras Al Khaimah’s hotspot – Longbeach Campground. Get ready for an immersive experience in nature all while indulging in the finer aspects of life! Longbeach Campground combines both …

September 20, 2023

A Gang Was Arrested For Phishing A Company Out Of AED1 Million In RAK

The scams are getting so smart and virtually undetectable. Scammers are able to steal millions but it’s up to the people to keep their information protected, especially online! A gang of 3 people set up a fake email pretending to be a supplier that’s in business with a company in Ras Al Khaimah. The scammers …

September 19, 2023

Discovered: Coins From RAK That Date Back To 1649 AD

The Sharjah Archaeology Authority (SAA) announced the discovery of Marduf al-Qawasim coins which were used during the rule of Al Qawasim monarchy The currency, known as The Marduf al-Qawasim, includes the names of the former Ras Al Khaimah rulers including Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr al-Qasimi, who ruled over the emirate after the death of his …

August 30, 2023

Catch The Biggest Full Moon AKA The Blue Moon & Saturn Illuminating The Night Sky In Just A Few Days

Step right up, stargazers! It’s time to raise your eyes to the cosmos and witness the grand celestial spectacle waiting just above. This week, we’re going full-on “once in a blue moon” mode! We’re in for August’s second full moon, which technically fits the “blue moon” definition. It swings by every 2.7 years, and pretty …

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August 28, 2023

Andrés Iniesta Is Coming To RAK Officially Joining The Emirates Club FC

This is major news in the football community! The legendary former Barcelona star Andrés Iniesta is taking on new challenges indeed. Yesterday he shared a video on his Instagram where he packed his suitcase and headed to the airport with his family, captioning it “Ready for another challenge.” That’s right! Andrés Iniesta is coming to …

August 8, 2023

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