Flashing & Tailgating On The Dubai Roads Is One Habit That NEEDS To Be Cancelled! Not Cool! 


You know the latest social media trend going around? “Tell me you are [insert nationality or characteristic], without telling me you’re [insert nationality or characteristic]”?

Yaa so, TikToker Amy Berikova took the challenge of saying she’s from Dubai, without actually saying she’s from Dubai by showing a notorious driving habit adopted by many here in the city and NO. Just NO.

The video shows the driver tailgating and flashing a car to get him/her to swerve out of the lane

This is one rash road behaviour that needs to be cancelled ASAP.

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Although the video is LOLs and pretty apt, the actions are equally reckless

There is no one that can say they’ve never been flashed on a Dubai highway…

Although tailgating and lane hogging are common habits amongst errant motorists, it’s worthwhile noting that drivers caught tailgating in Dubai will face hefty penalties!

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