7 Elements You Need To Cover To Host The Ultimate House Party


Throwing a house party is always fun, well and stressful. Summer is the ideal time to host a party as it’s a bit too warm for the outdoor bars and it’s a great way to mingle.

Plus, given The Cellars in Ras Al Khamiah is open every day of summer, and it’s got epic deals – it’s an ideal way to save some serious cash.  

If you’re considering having a house party, here are a few things to remember before you open your house up. 

1. First things first, a well stocked bar

You’ll need plenty of booze to keep everyone happy throughout the night, and The Cellars in Ras Al Khaimah can sort you right out. The RAK outlet has NO TAX (zing), is just an hour’s drive (winning) and is one of the only outlets in the UAE open ALL SUMMER LONG (thank goodness). 

You best be doing a trip out there to stock up before the big night. They’ve got bargain prices, and a whopping range. 

2. Good nosh

You can’t be having people hungry at a party, so be sure to keep everyone well fed. 

If you’re into cooking – whip up a storm with some fun recipes

If that’s not your jam (yea, us neither), order in or sort some catering. Pizza parties are never a bad idea.

3. Bangin beats

You can make or break a party with the tunes, so be sure to have a quality playlist lined up. 

Here’s a Dubai party one to try, or if you’re going all out, why not hire a DJ? 

4. A streamer cannon 

If you don’t have a stream cannon, is it even a party? You can get a house-hold grade streamer cannon (yes that’s a real thing) online. 

You can buy it with all the spare cash you saved from visiting The Cellars.

5. Entertainment 

Some kind of weird performance or artist is always a great talking point so consider employing some kind of entertainment – whether it’s henna, belly dancing, a caricature artist or a magician. 

6. Games 

Always have a couple of games on standby incase a lull in conversation comes up. 

Ice breaker games are fun for a party of less-known people, otherwise there are great options like bobbing for apples (an old favourite), pin the tale on the donkey or to get the party into full throttle….drinking games. 

7. Good people

Last but of course it’s not least – you want a solid guest list full of quality people. It’s a great way to meet new people, mingle with friends and just have an all round hoot. 

Plus a few amazing bevvies will loosen everyone right up. 

So now you’re all set, go forth and partyyyy! 

Best be booking in your booze run now….or later – The Cellars in RAK is open every day – ALL SUMMER LONG. 



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