5 Things You Didn’t Know Should Not Be In Your Carry-On Luggage While Travelling This Summer


Don’t let TSA rain on your parade by being forced to throw or leave behind some of your precious carry on items! Here’s a list of items you didn’t know are not allowed in your carry on luggage:

Note that every Airline has their own list of items that are and aren’t allowed in your carry on, so make sure you check before packing*

5. Ink and toner cartridges

If you’re planning on carrying ink and toner cartridges for your printer cross-country, think twice. Theyr’re actually banned from both carry-on and checked baggage!

4. Wrapped gifts

Don’t waste your time wrapping gifts for your loved ones as airport TSA could ruin your mood by unwrapping the presents you spent time packaging!

3. Smart luggage

Some airlines ban the use of smart luggage because they use lithium batteries, have GPS systems, electric locks and phone chargers. They may make an exception if the lithium batteries are removed, which defeats the purpose of having a smart bag all together!

2. Any Powders

Any powder-like substances bigger than 350ml (about the size of a soda can) – must be put in checked baggage and not hand luggage.

That includes powders such as cosmetics, spices, and coffee.

Baby formula powder, and essential medical powders are exempt after a second screening*

1. Snow Globes

If you picked up a nice snow globe as a souvenir to remember your trip, keep it in your main luggage as it’s not allowed on board your flight!


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