Oh My Guacamole! Five Of The Tastiest Nacho Dishes In Riyadh



Nachos are a work of goodness tbh

They’re full of flavour and is a well-enough dish to share with a group of friends. With a kick from the chilli and a tang from the guac, your taste buds will be shaking like maracas after indulging in these unreal dishes.

1. Khafif

Khafif has several branches around the big city just cus people LOOOVE their affordable yet delish snacks. One in particular is their avocado nachos dish- simple, easy yet incredibly tasty.

2. Fire Grill

Lucky for us, Fire Grill delivers and is located in so many areas of Riyadh for they’re known for simple Mexican dishes that is customiseable.

In this case, their nachos certainly don’t disappoint either.

3. El Chico

Fresh nachos served at their Mateen Plaza branch just for you to get yo hands on.

4. Takohut

Two words: cheesy nachos

Order that and you’re set, while you’re at it they’ve got really delish tacos too- hence the name.

5. The Cheesecake Factory

Oldie but a goodie, the Cheesecake Factory’s nachos will fill you up.

And cheesecake for dessert?

Can’t think of a better Friday evening


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