Saudi Arabia Issues New Directives For Wearing The Bisht In Public Workplaces

Hera Shabbir
The Saudi Bisht is a cloak worn by men in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. It’s typically made of wool or camel hair, featuring intricate embroidery and often worn on formal occasions to signify status and elegance. It can range in different colors like brown, white, but is primarily seen in black

The Kingdom issued a circular directing men in the Kingdom to wear the cloak in public workplaces

Emirs, deputy emirs, governors, ministers (including those of esteemed rank), assistant and deputy ministers, officials ranked 15th or equivalent, heads and deputies of departments, and town center leaders must wear Bisht. The Shoura Council, judges, prosecutors, and lawyers are also required to wear Bisht during their respective sessions and duties as per the circular.

 The traditional cloak is often wore by Saudi Royals

Saudi leaders Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and HRH King Salman have both been spotted attending events, conferences, and meetings in a Bisht.


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