10 Best Shawarma Places In Saudi ??


Shawarma Restaurants in Saudi Arabia

Shawarma is one of the most famous dishes and preferred by many people in many countries, especially in Arabic countries. If you are one of the shawarma lovers, you will be happy to know that we made the search for you. All you have to do is only to choose the closest restaurant to you and enjoy eating delicious shawarma.

Eating shawarma can bring you happiness, as many of you have already experienced it. Therefore, we were keen to present to you the ultimate guide of the most famous and best shawarma restaurants, which are the first choice of many people to have delicious shawarma. You will definitely enjoy visiting these restaurants with your friends and family

Shawarma Plus

The restaurant is famous for offering the best shawarma in Riyadh. It has a menu of 7 types including, chicken, Arabic chicken, chicken Iskender shawarma, beef shawarma, Arabic beef, beef Iskender, and shawarma. The restaurant has its own seasoning which makes the special taste

Shawarma House Fresh

One of the famous shawarma restaurants which use the local chilled chicken.  The restaurant offers shawarma with a different sauce like pomegranate molasses, ranch sauce, and many other varied sauces presented with the crispy French fries topped with special sauces. So the client can choose from a wide variety of chicken shawarma


One of the most famous shawarma restaurants that offer meals and Chicken and beef shawarma sandwiches. It features a variety of sauce options including, Matom, Tikka, Tahina, and others. It has a wide menu full of different delicious salads including, Caesar, Arugula with meat and Fattoush to enjoy a full delicious meal

Shawarma Doner Bir

Beef Shawarma has a special taste and more popular than chicken shawarma, especially with the variety of its topping sauces. Shawarma Doner Bir offers all types of shawarma, including special beef shawarma. It has many branches inside Riyadh, so you can choose the closest to you

Shawarma Emperor

Although there are many shawarma restaurants in the city, Shawarma Emperor offers the best shawarma ever. The restaurant offers chicken and beef shawarma sandwiches or meals with different types of sauce, French fries, salads, and drinks so visitors can choose their preferred meal from a wide menu



The best shawarma restaurant which is featured with its special families seatings, and its large area. In addition to presenting delicious sandwiches and shawarma meals with hot and cold drinks


Shawarma Jalila         

It is one of the most famous shawarma restaurants featured with its charcoal shawarma that has a different smell and taste

It is open daily from 12:00 PM  to 01:00 AM


Shawarma Masters

Best shawarma experience that is worth another visit to enjoy its rich taste of beef


Hak Shawarma

A featured restaurant with its stunning decor and its seating. In addition to offering the most special shawarma which you can’t find anywhere else

Shawarma Factory

Shawarma factory is featured with multiple types of shawarma of all sizes for family or individuals to enjoy the most delicious shawarma at all




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