7 Cartoons Every 90s Child In Saudi Grew Up Watching


Okay, not every but a lot of children did.

Back then we didn’t have many entertainment options outside the home nor did we have electronic gadgets to get distracted by inside it, so our main source of entertainment was our curved screen TV. And, whatever cartoons were aired on Saudi channel 1 and 2 (the only 2 channels that were available in the country at the time) regardless of how good they were, they continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

Here are some of such cartoons that we 90s kids would love to watch again just to relive those memories.

Bionic Six

It may not be that well known internationally but here in Saudi, the cartoon has superstar status. The show was about a family of six each with a special power, which they used to use to defeat all the bad guys.

Captain Majid

We loved football and unlike today’s children who want to be like Messi and Ronaldo, for many of us back then we wanted to be like Captain Majid. The cartoon that was aired in Saudi was actually a dubbed version of Japanese cartoon Captain Tsubasa.

Tom And Jerry

This cartoon is not limited to the 90s generation as generation after generation have grown up watching this.

Popeye The Sailor

Popeye, the sailor ate spinach, got stronger and managed to defeat his enemies. This was the same Popeye whose example our mothers used to use just so that they can get us to each spinach.

The Road Runner Show

The main character just used to run throughout the whole episode and we used to just love watching it run leaving a trail of flame behind.


DuckDales had a catchy theme song and an equally catchy plot. Many a time it was the same plot revolving again but we didn’t mind watching an exorbitantly rich duck who always found a way to clinch on to his fortune.


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